Canavape – High Grade Cannabinoids

Canavape is a name that has become synonymous with everything to do with Vaporizers. Canavape started as a small and humble business in England in 2014 and has since seen outrageous growth in popularity. Canavape became the first company to offer CBD vape products (CBD E-Liquids) in Europe.

Now based in London, Canavape has grown into a truly international brand and sell their CBD products across the globe.
From its inception, Canavape has helped to shape and mold the CBD E-Liquid market – something that they have become quite well known for. However, they do also offer a range of other high quality CBD products which include CBD oil, supplements, and isolate! So it really does not matter if you do not vape, you can still get a Canavape CBD product that’s right for you.

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Cannavape Overview

Cannavape are a highly specialised  company that focus mainly on producing high quality vape oil for use in sub-ohm tanks. They have their headquarters in the US’s hemp growing capital, Colarado. To support their European business, they also have a headquarters located in Barcelonoa.

Canavape source their hemp extract from the famous Colarado growing region, the San Luis Valley that provides hemp to many of the US’s top brands. Whilst advertised as an organic product, Cannavape lacks any authoritative certificate that proves this to be the case. Although the farmers in the San Luis valley are known to grow their crop without any pesticides or herbicides, it would be better to have that cert.

Cannavape Product Range

With a range of flavoured e-juice products, Cannavape has built a loyal customer base and a good reputation. Many customers who prefer to mix their own vape liquid use Cannavape’s sub-ohm CBD concentrate to add to their own creations. Whilst this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a great choice for those looking to cut their vaping costs and get a bit creative.

Alternative to Cannavape

A popular local UK brand is Canndid which has the best value Tinctures and Gummies in the UK

Cannavape Safety & Lab Results

Cannavape are committed to producing high-quality products and as such don’t use harmful chemicals in their mixes like Vitamin E acetate or diacetyl. They  have their Certificate of Authority conducted on all batches of CBD by a company called Botanicor and they are available for review on their website. The CoA clearly show the use of quality CBD Isolate and no contaminants in their products.

Cannavape’s Returns Policy

Cannvape have a standard return’s policy of 14 days. That is to say that you can return any unopened product within 14 days to avail of a full refund. They ship to most countries in North America and EU.